The House Law Office is dedicated to the zealous defense of people charged with criminal and traffic violations in Wisconsin municipal, circuit, and appellate courts. Steven House has over nineteen years of experience practicing criminal and traffic defense with an emphasis on impaired driving and controlled substances offenses. Our philosophy is that cases should go to trial where there is no substantial benefit to reaching a plea agreement. Further, any possible issues for appeal should be preserved through representation at the trial court level even if a case is expected to be resolved by plea agreement.

     The office is located in downtown Madison, next to the Dane County Courthouse at 139 W. Wilson St., Suite 107, Madison, WI 53703. Please call (608) 443-7522 to schedule a free consultation of up to 30 minutes. House Law Office represents clients in criminal and traffic matters throughout Wisconsin. 

Areas of Practice:
  • Appeals, Post-Conviction Review

  • Criminal Defense
  • Trial, Appeal, Revocation Proceedings

  • Impaired Driving - OWI / DUI / controlled substances and prescription drugs.

  • Drug Offenses, Manufacturing, Conspiracy to Deliver, Simple Possession, Paraphernalia Possession, Underage Alcohol Offenses, Prescription Drug Offenses.

  • Property Crimes, Burglary, Vandalism Assault, Abuse, Battery, Homicide, Disorderly Conduct

  • Theft, Fraud, Forgery, Identity Theft

  • Harassment, Stalking, Sex Crimes, Injunctions

  • Ordinance Violations and Traffic Tickets

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